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I am Molly. I am an artist living in the beautiful Norfolk countryside, running a Bed and Breakfast, and building up my career with a passion and goal of creating beautiful and sustainable homewares and giftwares.
I live with my wonderful Fiancé and our little spaniel, who encourage and entertain me daily. On a typical day, you will find me cooking breakfast for our lovely guests, followed by a day of painting in my home studio. 
I am so incredibly grateful for every single order and kind message which ultimately keeps my business alive. Without you, I would have no business to grow, and so for that, I thank you!

With love,

Molly x 

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My Story

Funnily enough, 'Artist' was never on my list of intended future careers. Vet, Teacher, Barrister, Journalist... They were some. I have worked as a Waitress, Bar Manager, Receptionist, Dairy Farmhand even! But not once did I consider that I could build my future doing the thing I am truly most passionate about. I have always loved anything creative, massively encouraged and inspired by my lovely granny, who taught me baking, sewing, knitting, scrapbooking.

I loved completing my Art GCSE, then A-Level, and in 2020 I graduated in Fine Art from Lancaster University, where I focused my practice on sculpture and installation surrounding sexuality and the female body. After graduating into a Global Pandemic at a time when we were unable to even leave our homes, I was given an opportunity to build something for myself, from my home, that I actually, truly wanted to spend my future doing. With every supportive and encouraging word from my gorgeous Fiancé, I took over the spare bedroom in our apartment and filled it with supplies until we could barely open the door anymore! 18 months on, we have moved out of the apartment, and into our beautiful farmhouse. I have a designated studio space that I am completely in love with, with a large window that overlooks the cattle grazing in the meadow. I am so grateful for everything, and incredibly excited to create more work and continue to build up and develop my lovely little business further.


If you have any questions or feedback, or just want to get in touch, I always love to hear from you!

01508 548776

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